6 Exercises For A Killer Core Workout

6 Exercises For A Killer Core Workout

Developing a strong core is not just about getting a six-pack to look good but it can also help you lift heavier weights, play at a higher level and not get injured as easily. A good core workout can ensure that your core engages in the activity whether you are lifting a weight or playing a sport. 

The purpose of the core muscles is to prevent your torso from twisting in order to protect your lower back and spine. To successfully make your core stronger, you should do work outs that increase stability. Exercises like Sit-ups and Crunches are counterintuitive since they require you to yank your shoulders and head off the ground, potentially leading to neck strains and rounded shoulders.

The exercises mention below will effectively help you in becoming a more balanced and powerful athlete, get six-pack abs and improve the strength and stability of your core:


Not only it is the simplest but also one of the best exercises to strengthen your core. It involves squeezing your glutes and abs to contest the gravitational pull.

Get in the position by keeping your body in a straight line with your elbows touching the ground directly below your shoulders. Stay in this position for 30 to 60 seconds. 


This position is similar to plank but it makes your body flex and twist. Get in the plank position while placing your forearms on a physioball. Rotate your elbows clockwise on the physioball and continue this for at least 30 seconds. Repeat the same thing again for the same amount of time but in the counterclockwise direction. 

Lateral Reaches

This exercise also involves a lot of twisting which helps the core stabilize itself against bending. Get in the Push-up position and then extend your right arm. Place the arm back to the original position and then extend the left arm. Repeat this at least eight times.  

Half-Kneeling Kettlebell Halos 

This exercise really helps increase the strength of the core. Tighten your glutes and core as you get in the half-kneeling position and hold an upside down kettlebell in front of your face. Rotate the kettlebell slowly in one direction until it is right in front of your face. Do the same thing again but this time in the opposite direction. Repeat this five times. Half-kneel again but with the opposite knee on the floor and repeat the entire thing again. 

Stability Ball Jackknife

This work out can be particularly difficult for beginners so it is important that you perform the exercises mentioned previously before you try this one. Get in the Push-Up placement and keep your feet in TRX straps, make sure your back is flat. Fold your knees towards your chest then extend to get back to the original position. Repeat this exercise eight times. 

Ab Wheel Rollout

This workout strengthens the link between the upper body and the core. Grasp an ab wheel while standing on your knees. Shift forward along with the wheel until your body is close to the ground. Make sure your back is flat and your lower body is stationary. Once you’ve reached the full range, roll back to the original position. Repeat this workout eight times.

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