How and When Should You Be Using Creatine?

We have all heard that not all supplements are created equal. Some supplements can benefit in some areas whereas others may work better in other areas.

Here, Jeremy Ethier  shares how creatine has been backed with research, and how to use creatine the right way to effectively produce more energy and results from your workouts.

Here are my thoughts:

After taking creatine for a few years now, I genuinely feel that this supplement can benefit you if taken properly. Some of the known benefits of Creatine that I have benefited from are muscle mass and muscle endurance and energy ( during workout).

With that being said, Creatine causes muscles to retain water, which leads me to believe that if you are not on a strict diet and workout program to stay lean, Creatine alone will not help as a supplement for cutting.

All in all, we hope that you will take Jeremy Ethier’s advice in his studies of Creatine. When used properly, as backed by research, it could be a very useful and effective way of supplementing your workout.

Has Creatine brought you success in your workouts? Share in the comments below!

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