HIIT Workout – Barbell Complex

HIIT is exactly what it sounds like – short, repeated bursts of highly intense intervals followed by quick respites. The work-to-rest ratios can vary as much as you like, and are really the key to developing certain forms of specific fitness. Because of the high intensity, HIIT usually lasts less than 30 minutes, which makes it great for someone who is constantly on the go.

Besides being convenient, HIIT has been shown to increase your VO2 max. Don’t worry if that’s a new term. Your VO2 max is the maximum volume of oxygen your body can exchange in respiration during exercise. Simply put, it’s the upper limit of your fitness. Interestingly enough, the respiratory exchange rate (RER) of oxygen determines what your body is using to fuel itself, fat or carbs. When we can raise that upper ceiling of RER, the point at which your body switches from “fat-burning” to “carb-burning” also raises. With a higher VO2 max, your body will burn fat more consistently during training.

Before diving into this workout, it’s important to remember that although high intensity and fast paced, PROPER FORM IS KING. These are specifically curated to get maximum benefit of VO2 max increase, hormone stimulation, and fat loss.

1. Romanian Deadlifts (RDL)

Photo By MaxedMuscle.com

2. Bent Over Row

Photo By Coach Mag

3. Upright Row

Photo By Coach Mag

4. Hang Clean

Photo By Coach Mag

5. Push Press

Photo By Julie Lohre

6. Overhead Lunge

7. Back Squats

Photo By The Box Mag

Now that we have discussed the fundamentals of how to perform the exercises. Below Is how you execute the HIIT Workout:

Perform each exercise for 8 reps in sequence with no rest in between exercises. After you have completed all 8 exercises in sequence take 90 seconds before starting the circuit again. Repeat this 5 times.

Beginner Hack : If this is your first time performing these exercises, try them all on a smith machine instead of a free barbell. This will allow the smith machine to assist you through your range of motion. Remember these aren’t meant to be super heavy, and form is always more important than weight!

Did you try this workout yourself? Let us know how it went in the comments below!

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